Welcome to BuildChicago powered by Pusher, a 24 hour student hackathon by KreativeSunshine and Pusher.

The best education is experience.

That’s why we’ve started BuildChicago, a 24-hour student hackathon focused on mentorship and workshops. We realized that the best way to help as many people as possible learn and grow, is to provide experiences that allow them to experiment and collaborate.

11/22 @5PM - 11/23 @5PM, TechNexus



How to manipulate an API with Python

Learn what an API is and how you can use it in your next Python project

Intro to Web Development

Build a personal portfolio site using basic HTML and CSS concepts

Mobile App Dev with React Native

Build a simple todo list mobile application with React Native

Machine Learning Basics

Artificial Intelligence won't be a buzzword for you after this workshop

Intro to Pusher channels

Build a realtime web application with Pusher using our starter kits

Intro to Python

Learn basic python and programming while building a simple python application

Real-time Pong with Pusher

After learning the basics, this workshop will help you build a multiplayer real-time game.

Using Shawee to run a hackathon

This workshop will teach you how to run your very own hackathon using the Shawee Hackathon Platform

How to Build an MVP

Learn to launch your startup fast, with a minimum viable product

How to Evaluate Startup Ideas

Learn how to filter your ideas, to focus on your potential startup's greatest potential

More workshops will be announced. Sign up for updates.

Sponsors & Partners

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BuildChicago is completely free! Swag, workshops, food, and workspace is all included.

That’s fine, we encourage students of all skill levels to attend BuildChicago. We’ve got plenty of beginner oriented workshops to help you learn everything from introduction to coding to advanced concepts.

The venue will be located close to public transportation. You can drive, walk, or take a train (with a short walk) to get to BuildChicago?

We reccommend bringing your laptop, chargers, phone, sleeping bag (if you plan on taking a nap), notepads, pens, and anything else you’ll need for a couple of days.

Have any other questions? Email the team.

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